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  • Core Piano: Beginner

    One Off Payment:. 2 Years' Worth in 66 x Fun 1-2 Min Videos!
    • Learn to read sheet music!
    • Understand theory and harmony
    • Create and play scales & chords
    • Learn to start & practice a piece from scratch on your own
    • Improvise creating new melodies and harmonies
    • Learn Italian words
    • Play all major and minor scales with proper finger numbers
    • One time payment & unlimited time access
    • This course is for beginners with none to little experience
  • Repertoire Classes

    One - Time Payment: Learn Classical Hits to Soundtracks!
    • Easy/Intermediate Level Master Classes by AyseDeniz
    • Strauss: Blue Danube Waltz (Class Length: 1 Hr 38 Minutes)
    • Satie: Gnossienne No. 1 (Class Length: 38 Minutes)
    • *Shostakovich: Waltz No. 2 (Class Length: 30 Minutes)
    • *Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake Theme (Class Length: 32 Minutes)
    • *Vivaldi: Storm (Class Length: 38 Minutes)
    • *Mozart: Symphony No. 40 (Class Length: 30 Minutes)
    • AyseDeniz: Su (Class Length: 8 Minutes)
    • AyseDeniz: Home (Class Length: 10 Minutes)
    • *Coldplay: Clocks (Class Length: 1 Hour)
    • *The Beatles: Hey Jude (Class Length: 40 Minutes)
    • *Titanic: My Heart Will Go On (Class Length: 48 Minutes)
    • *Queen's Gambit: You're Gloating (Class Length: 40 Minutes)
    • (*) Special Arrangements by AyseDeniz
  • 5-Week Live Bootcamp

    Master Classes & Personal Assignments Created For You
    Valid for 2 months
    • 5 x 1 Hour Long Private Master Class with AyseDeniz
    • For Core Piano, Intermediate & Advanced Students Only
    • Get Virtuoso Performance Tips & Tricks
    • Receive Custom Homework in Between Classes
    • All 5 Classes To Be Taken within 2 Months
    • Get Input On Your Progress Videos In Between Classes
    • Work On Your Own Repertoire
    • Build Custom Exercises with AyseDeniz Based On Your Needs
    • Get Educational Advise
  • Private Master Class

    1 Hour Private Online Master Class with AyseDeniz
    Valid for one month
    • 1 Hour Long Online Master Class with AyseDeniz
    • Work On Your Own Selection Of Repertoire/Skillset
    • Additional Custom Homework Videos Included If Needed
    • To Be Taken Within One Month
    • Not For Beginners
    • For Core Piano, Intermediate & Advanced Students Only

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Alternatively, you can send payment directly to AyseDeniz via paypal.me/agokcinmusic - once we receive the payment we will give you access to the course.

Private Masterclasses

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