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Vivaldi Storm Early-Intermediate Piano Course

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Welcome! Are you ready to learn AyseDeniz's viral rendition "Vivaldi's Four Seasons - Summer"? This piece is originally composed for violin and orchestra, and arranged especially for Borderless Piano students! We cannot wait to hear it from you! Before you begin, please read below: Participants must have a basic knowledge of sheet music. If you are not sure about how to read sheet music, please take the Core Piano Course first before this course. Suggested practice time: minimum 15 minutes/day. In this course you will learn to: 1) Practice the piece from start to finish 2) Analyse the rhythm of the piece hands separately and together 3) Use the right finger numbers 4) Portray the right character with phrasing and dynamics 5) Analyse the basic chord progressions By the end of the course, you'll know exactly what to do to achieve your goal performance as in the example video. Enroll now to join the course and start your free trial with AyseDeniz!

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Vivaldi: "Storm", $5.00/month


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