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Core Piano Course For Beginners

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Learn the piano from scratch with this course, perfect for those who've always wanted to start but didn't know how. In these 2 minute fun and interactive videos, you'll gain the theoretical, practical, and methodological knowledge you need to jumpstart your piano journey. Within a month of taking this course and a 15 minute/day commitment, you'll be ready to take on new repertoire and advance to the next level. Throughout the course, you'll learn: - The essential piano techniques, including posture and hand position - How to read sheet music in just two minutes with both hands - The basics of rhythm, tempo, dynamics, and articulation  - How to improvise with AyseDeniz - The fundamentals harmony with scales, intervals and chord analysis - To play Beethoven's Ode to Joy with both hands in three different tempos after practicing hands separately - How to create your own compositions and start improvising - The formula to work on any piece of music! By the end of the course, you'll have a strong foundation in piano playing and be ready to tackle new repertoire. Let's start!

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Core Piano: Beginner, $10.00/month


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