"Core Piano"
for Beginners

Are you a complete beginner and want to learn how to play the piano in a fun and easy way with AyseDeniz? If so, this course is for you. This course teaches you the basics of theory, harmony, sheet music as well as the formula of learning new music.

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We'll start slow...

Notes on the Piano CDGA

Improvise on CDGA


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Ode to Joy - Intro

12 Bar Blues Progression

... but soon you'll be able to improvise and build your repertoire!

  • Core Piano: Beginner

    One Off Payment:. 2 Years' Worth in 66 x Fun 1-2 Min Videos!
    • Learn to read sheet music!
    • Understand theory and harmony
    • Create and play scales & chords
    • Learn to start & practice a piece from scratch on your own
    • Improvise creating new melodies and harmonies
    • Learn Italian words
    • Play all major and minor scales with proper finger numbers
    • One time payment & unlimited time access
    • This course is for beginners with none to little experience

Course Schedule

This is the course structure. You will get access to 67 short and interactive videos in which AyseDeniz will explain the basic concepts ranging from reading sheet music to theory and harmony. You will also learn how to play Ode To Joy by Beethoven and apply the formula on "how to master a piece from scratch" to any other sheet music you choose that fit your level of playing.


The course is all pre-recorded and you will have instant access to all the videos and course materials including sheet music and homework assignments. When you finish the course, you will have the option to receive a theory & practical certificate of completion and a shoutout from AyseDeniz herself. 

You also will be able to ask questions to AyseDeniz through the private facebook group and the live streams, and share your progress videos with the rest of the students and community members! 


Welcome! We will learn so much in this course together! Make sure to take your time when you need and stop the videos!

Notes on the Piano CDGA

Let's start from very basics with my formula to easily remember which notes are where on the piano. You will love the easy cartoon metaphors and never forget where you are on the keys! We will first start with 4 notes.

Improvise on CDGA

You will have fun improvising using the notes you have just learned, playing over the accompaniment I have created for you. You can download the Mp3 and practice over it. Follow the instructions on the video!

The Alphabet of Music

Now we learn all the note names and their locations on the keyboard with my method.

Reading Sheet Music

Reading sheet music is not as hard as you may think it is!


In this lecture you will learn what rhythm means, turn words into rhythm, and clap examples from famous tunes.


Learn what tempo means and how you can apply it to music.

Bars (Measures)

Learn how music is organised on sheet music and what a bar/measure means.

Note Values

Learn about: Structure of a Note, Note Values, Dotted Notes


Learn about: Rest Values, Dotted Rests

Time Signature

Learn about time signatures and what they mean.

Rhythm Homework #1

Rhythm Homework 1:

Create different rhythms for 2 measures based on the following time signatures using one note on a staff. Keep it simple but make sure each measure is different.:




Then try to clap or play these - you can use a metronome to keep the pulse consistent! You can use the staff paper attached or draw your own! Make sure to put the clef and the time signature!

Rhythm Homework #2

Rhythm Homework 2: Write your very first composition on sheet music!

Write a small composition of 4 bars using different rhythms with the notes we learned on one staff! Make sure each bar adds up to the same value, and make sure to use a clef and a time signature. Use the manuscript attached.

Finger Numbers

Learn how we label our finger numbers! Download the attached sheet to remind yourself!

Intervals (Basic)

Learn about whole tone and half tone intervals. More intervals will come towards the end of the course!


Learn about: Sharps / Flats, Enharmonic notes

Accidentals (Quiz)

Quiz time! Let's see how well you've learned your accidentals!


Learn about the softest to the loudest dynamic markings in Italian!

Tempo Markings

Learn about different tempo markings in Italian. Use the attached chart for more tempo markings in Italian, German and French.


Learn about:






How to Start a Piece: Posture

Get ready to play! But first, let's make sure you know the correct way to sit!

Ode To Joy Introduction

You will learn my arrangement of Beethoven's Ode To Joy for easy piano. Here is how it sounds when I play it for you. Attached is the sheet music, please download it and have it ready!

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