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What is Borderless Piano?

Borderless Piano is an online academy & community created by AyseDeniz for piano lovers of all ages and skills.

The Core Piano Course covers the basics of piano. 

The Repertoire Classes help you build your repertoire from your favourite genres: Soundtracks, Classical Hits, and Original Compositions by AyseDeniz!

The Private Master Classes give you the unique opportunity to work with AyseDeniz directly online.

Start From Scratch:
The Core Piano Course

In this course for complete beginners, you will cover 2 years worth of material in only 1.5 hours with 1-2 minute fun videos. You will learn how to read sheet music, the basics of harmony and theory, and you will be able to apply everything you learn here to any music you play no matter the genre. 

Build Repertoire: Master Classes

Build your repertoire with these 30 minute to an hour long videos for each piece, going through all the steps in incredible detail with AyseDeniz. If you are already a Core Piano student this is the second step you can take to start playing new music. The genres include classical arrangements by AyseDeniz, soundtracks and more in this growing library of your favourite pieces!

Learn Live:
Private Master Classes

You can now book your private, live master classes with AyseDeniz online. These classes are only available periodically, so click to find out if there are any spots available! This course is only for intermediate / advanced level students or Core Piano alumni.